Venus in Scorpio: What to Expect for your Relationship Status

Venus entered the sultry, mysterious, sometimes over sexualized sign of Scorpio on Dec. 2 and will remain until Jan. 7.

Venus rules relationships, friendships, love, beauty, aesthetics, money, and even the social scene. Scorpio is characterized as passionate, addictive and unrelenting. Put these two together and your sure to get intense love scenarios, skeletons coming out of the closet, and relationships get the reality check they need.

Scorpio is very trans-formative so expect some changes in your love life this transit. Your sex life will probably be more intense than ever when Venus is in Scorpio, so be free to explore your sexuality but be safe. Be careful of moving too fast, too deep, too soon within your relationships, although this is a time of allowing yourself to feel those deep emotions, try not to let them spill over, as it could make things feel a little too serious, try having fun during this transit to make up for all this heavy energy.

Here is what I divine will happen during this transit for these relationship statuses:

Happily Single: This is for those who are truly living their best life, single. Not looking for a relationship, wouldn’t mind staying single for the next year or so. I see you guys joining some creative collective, like a choir, dance group, art house, anything creative that will give you the social experience and fulfillment that you need. The transformation that takes place for you is a good friend, either you are taught how to be a good friend or you find a genuine friend who makes your life better. Something may happen during this time that makes you realize how protected you are, be sure you are doing protective magick periodically to help ensure this for you and your family.

Single Ready to Mingle: This is for those who feel they have been single for too long and really want someone they can call their own, after all it is #cuffingseason I think that this group is probably the largest right now. Let me start by saying I feel very impatient or urgent energy here. You guys are watching the clock go by wondering when is the time, and I believe the time is now. Don’t wait, don’t pass up any opportunity to get out and take action, it’s the holiday season, lots of parties, reasons to dress up, make some moves so you can meet future bae. Explore the options with those already around you, meaning your prospective loves are people you may have met already especially surrounding how you make money. Find balance by making sure your home is well taken care of and full of good energy. The #NewMoon Eclipse showed up so expect an amazing change to come from Venus in Scorpio.

Situationships: Not quite single, not quite off the market, you’re talking and maybe dating but still not taken. This can be quite shaky grounds to walk on because you never really know what the future holds, but you are hopeful. Many of your relationships ended in deceit and now you carry a huge fear of liars, and your inner detective is dying to get out and get to the bottom of everything. You will be very lucky at this time, and this will help you weed out the lames and get straight to the pot of gold. The New Moon in Sagittarius will be a very powerful time to seal the deal, separate yourself and do the inner work if you want the outer results!

Real Relationships: You guys have established you want to be together and have been probably together for a while and want to keep it that way. The best way to stay in harmony with one another is by being cautious and not overindulging, sometimes in the midst of loving someone else we accidentally start forgetting ourselves. You guys are probably have a few battles between each other at this time, nothing to major if you watch your words, Scorpions sting but your words shouldn’t during Venus in Scorpio. You got the New Moon in Scorpio so use the courageous energy of Scorpio to dead your fears about love for good.

Married: They actually put a ring on it and that is the goal right, you guys want to be in harmony during this transit and can achieve this by having as much sex as possible, sounds a lil vulgar but I got a juicy pear from the loteria deck and all I could hear was sex, take control and enjoy all this sexy energy from the universe. Explore how to best honor you commitment, be reminded of all the reasons why you married this person and how you can help make their lives better. Experiment with new forms of communication, like leaving sexy voice mails or letters, you could even record a short video to send to them to help communicate your love.

I hope you find this helpful to help navigate this intense Venus in Scorpio energy.

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Magically Bree

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