UKA Designs: Stylish, Affordable Carribean Fashion

UKA Designs launched in 2018, founded by Ruthvenezuelana Lopez - caters to people who enjoy being different and standing out in a crowd. UKA is abbreviated for 'Ukaola' which is Yoruba for "God's clothing ". Our products are custom made for Caribbean women and for those who want individuality.

UKA Designs also creates ready to wear traditional swimwear as well as elegant, fashionable pieces that are sure to turn heads. Our clothing is affordable and authentic, with each design provided, our clients are destined to get #HookedOnUKA.

Why the passion for fashion?

At the age of 9, my father told me to turn my 'hobby' into a paying career. I always had a passion for the arts. By the age of 11, my interest piqued when watching Ms. Universe and seeing how beautifully designed those gowns were. From there my love for fashion design grew. When I turned 18, my grandmother passed away - it was then I discovered fashion was her dream as well, so now I am doing it for both of us.

How does your brand inspire others?

The story and the person behind the brand is an inspiration within itself. I remained confident, kept my faith high, and stayed persistence. It wasn't easy having 2 young toddlers - but I was dedicated to my goals and aimed to be the motivation for many who have dreams and believe they can't move toward because of kids or financial support.

Was there resistance in the beginning? Challenges?

I was faced with financial instability and didn't have much support. I also struggled with self-doubt. Consistency and focus allowed me to overcome these doubts and manifest a business I am proud of.

What're your favorite pieces from your clothing line right now?

I love the majority of my pieces, but the dress from my empowerment collection I must say is my absolute favorite.

Vision for UKA Designs?

The Long term vision is to become internationally recognized for creating quality and unique pieces for my clients and being invited to the biggest fashion shows in the world.

Have you featured UKA Designs in any fashion shows or publications?

Yes, we launched in 2018 and from June 2018 to July 2019 we have presented in 12 local fashion shows in Trinidad and Tobago. We were featured in the online magazine "Tangarine" in 2018 and KYD online magazine in 2019. We also had a feature in the Trinidad and Tobago Newspaper in May 2019.

UKA Designs Founder/Owner Ruthvenezuelana Lopez

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