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New Single “Destiny” Showcases Jaded's Love To Black Women.

Angel Butler (also known as “Jaded”) recently released his new single “Destiny” on April 8th, 2021. The track features artists Kish and ITSG3, bringing the perfect blend of style and talent. “Destiny” takes the listener on a journey through the story of love. The song was originally inspired by a love interest in Jaded’s life. Instead of focusing on just his relationship, Jaded decided to expand the message making it a national anthem for black love.

Angel 'Daniel' Butler is an American record producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally carrying the moniker “Akxxng (pronounced "a-king"), the young artist gained a local buzz in the Hip-Hop scene. He later decided to take his music career more seriously, and during a brief hiatus from the local music scene, he changed his name to Jaded.

Jaded had worked in collaboration with Livefromthecity, Jordan Montgomery, Zende, ITSG3!, Kish, and many other artists throughout the years. In late 2020, Jaded founded SevenCity Entertainment.

The youngest child of seven, his parents Gene and Julieanna Butler raised a musical genius. His mother, Julieanna Butler (maiden name Velez), is a Puerto Rican from The Bronx who was primarily self-employed most of her work life, starting multiple businesses in her name. Gene Butler is an African American Muslim from Gary, Indiana, who currently works for Allegheny County Jail. While living with his father, Angel was exposed to many different hip-hop artists (notably: Kanye West and Drake), influencing the music created by the artist.

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Angel was raised on the east side of Pittsburgh. Living in East Liberty with the city's middle-lower class most of his adolescence, Angel describes his childhood (in a recent interview with Level Up Studios) as "...very unorthodox from the average American teenager"

Watch Jaded's full interview from the Level Up Podcast here:

Angel attended multiple schools growing up, most notably his high school(s) University Prep & Taylor Allderdice, at which he is set to graduate class of 2021. Unlike a lot of his peers, Angel stayed out of trouble. Throughout most of his academic career, Angel was a high-performing student, earning high grades and test scores.

With Angel's high performance, he had many opportunities academically but chose to take a different route stating, "Just because I'm smart, I automatically get labeled to be a doctor or lawyer. I don't want to go into debt all my life for a job that makes me miserable."

In the beginnings of Jaded producing music, the young artist was a part of the organization named 1Hood Media. Through 1Hood Media (previously under the name Akxxng), built a network of artists around the city and gained opportunities to further his early music career. Notable achievements the young artist accomplished through 1Hood Media consist of his music being performed at the Andy Warhol Museum, being on stage at Three Rivers Arts Festival, and staring in Jasiri X's music video "The Babies".

Towards the end of 2020, Jaded started his own publishing company and record label. He sought an avenue to release his own music, help nurture other artists with a distinct sound, and publish a host of various forms of media. From there came the birth of SevenCity Entertainment LLC. The name and logo derived from the Seven Cities of Gold myth are popularly used by the local Pittsburgh music community (412 = 4+1+2 = 7).

Jaded, and Ether are the label's inaugural artists. The label houses artists including Jaded, Ether, and Underwolf. SevenCity has released 2 EPs, 2 singles, and plans to branch out of music to publish books, online magazines, podcasts, and a host of other media sources.


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Lisa Rosefield
Lisa Rosefield
May 03, 2021

Love the song and the interview! Great content

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