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Muneyi’s “Vhuludu” Explores Solitude & All It's Feels

In TshiVenda, Muneyi’s native language“Vhuludu” means solitude. Muneyi, who won AfroPunk's Battle Of The Bands 2019 in Joburg, explains the inspiration behind his song:

“I have always wondered how my 89-year-old grandmother deals with being alone every day. She went from being surrounded by multitudes to being alone in her six-roomed house in the village of Tshilapfene. She recently lost sight in one eye and being the hard worker she once was, she now finds herself struggling to perform the simplest of tasks. Surely this loneliness takes the form of a spirit being in her house, otherwise, who does she talk to? ‘Vhuludu’ became a combination of my worry and guilt— all-engulfing me."

Watch the video here: