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Meet Squigggllee: Graffiti & Doodle Artist

Hello. My name is Braxton but go by the artist name: Squigggllee.

My brand is called M.A.Y.O.- KLLCTV. M.A.Y.O. Stands for: Make Art Your Outlet. I am a 22-year-old Black, Transman artist, who has recently discovered his love for painting, graffiti, and doodles. I have always been artistic but I never gave myself the chance to dive deep into it. Now, I spend the majority of my time creating.

Some of my favorite underground visual artists are @sublimin4l, @robertpokorny, and @poorteffy on Instagram. As far as well-known visual artists, my favorites are Keith Haring and Basquiat.

All of my work is abstract and comes from within. I never have a set plan or idea. Everything I create is organic. There are no guidelines, rules, or regulations when it comes to my work. I believe my creations come from a place of trauma, intuition, passion, and letting my mind wander.

As someone who is Black, Transgender, neurodivergent, & many other things to add…I simply needed to find an outlet to keep myself balanced.

People tend to ask me: “What is your work supposed to be?” “What is your style?”. I simply tell them: It’s supposed to be art because I too have no idea what it is. It just IS. This is one of the most recent pieces I made in honor of Pride Month:

I used acrylic paint on a 16x20 canvas, using white, blue, and pink. The color of the Transgender Flag. Being Trans is more than just an identity. It is a being, it is a way of thinking, it is a way of feeling, it is being extremely self-aware, it is spiritual. Words cannot describe the experiences of what it's like being Transgender. I can only show you through my art and work.

My readers should expect nothing less than pure creativity, and abstract expressionism in its rawest form. I also will most likely share some topics about my personal life in regards of being a Black/Transman



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Image by Jessica Felicio