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Meet Queen Amina, Self-Taught Visual Artist

Queen Amina has always been drawn to the arts - in all its forms. Whatever she dabbled in, her creative vision almost always presented itself. From Cosmetology school to clothing design, Amina incorporated her own unique imprint into her work.

She never quite experienced the satisfaction with the work she created as she does with visual art. When she finally found her niche, Amina's craft went through a refreshing transformation. Discovering Neurographic Art seemingly opened up an entirely new world.

I absolutely love how it is nearly impossible to recreate the same piece; the possibilities are endless, and it always excites me because I never truly know where the painting will take me. - Queen Amina

Queen Amina's passion for abstract art flourished, driving her to explore the boundless realms of free expression. Her artistic prowess has transcended geographical boundaries, as she has had the privilege of painting for clients worldwide, including the iconic Queen Latifah. Above all, Queen Amina endeavors to create an immersive experience for her viewers, both visually and emotionally, by focusing on the composition of each piece, unburdened by the constraints of tangible objects.

With every stroke, Queen Amina invites us to witness and partake in the ethereal dance between her thoughts and the canvas.

I chose to pursue an artistic career because of the ways we are able to connect with others. I find it beautiful how a connection can be made simply through the work of someone else, through the mind of someone else, without one word needing to be said, or a direct reasoning needing to be addressed. - Queen Amina for Shoutout LA

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Image by Jessica Felicio