March 20, 2019: Libra Full Moon Spring Equinox. Who Are You Now?

As the new Astrological year is upon us with the sun in Aries and Chiron at 1 degree in Aries, we are being asked to nurture the parts of ourselves that may be new but not yet strong. As we strengthen our muscles, this process is being mirrored back to us through our relationships and communication with others.

Libra is about seeking out and creating meaningful connections with our tribe, in this case for feedback about who you are and how or if others see you. Another story unfolding here is the one of the self versus others and creating a balance between the two as well as creating an internal balance while these new vulnerable parts of ourselves are forming.

You may feel a push and pull between parts of you that need others and parts of you that desire independence. It’s going to be important to follow your inner guidance and do what you love, whether alone or with others. This will ease the liberation/builder energy that is apparent during this lunation which surrounds writing a new story on a higher spiritual octave.

Remember to be compassionate towards your self at this time and try not over react. There is a lot of newness which can feel abrupt, try to stay present in your day to day life, allowing yourself to find peace in the simple things. Time alone and self care/love are key.

This months Full Moon Tarot Spread is guided by the number 6 which rules the planet Venus. This number represents peace, harmony and cooperation. It also stands for aesthetics, love and beauty. On a low vibration Venus signifies a craving sensual pleasures.

On a higher plane, it represents Divine Love. The first position in this spread represents your journey this far. The second position represents external desires. The third position represents guidance on how to balance your internal and external worlds. The fourth position represents clues as to how you can maintain your joy moving forward. The fifth position represents guidance around anything you still need to release moving into the Astrological New Year and position number six represents internal desires. Enjoy and feel free to share your tarot spreads with me via my Instagram!


Rasia is the face behind MysticalHealingGuide. She practices #SacredPsychology by integrating her spiritual background as a #Priestess in Palo with her formal training in the field of Psychology. Rasia has been assisting members of her community for 20 years in various capacities.

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