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Enter The Void

As we are deeply steeped in the cycle of winter, I’d like you to focus on your internal framework. Winter is a time of stillness and darkness. We think of the trees being stripped of their leaves, and the days growing shorter as the darkness steps in. As this occurs you too are being asked to welcome the void. The void is where all life begins, this is where the seed is nourished but it needs to conserve its energy in order to maintain its growth cycle. This is an opportunity to pause and gather what you need to sustain the next leg of your journey. Welcome the slow pace that winter offers and as your pace slows, you are able to create more mindfulness in an effort to birth greater self-awareness. Pachamama, moves in cycles as does everything in life, when we can feel into the cycles we become more connected, deeply rooted in the ebb and flow of our own life as well as the vibration of greater consciousness. You often hear about people getting cabin fever or antsy because of all of the time spent in doors during winter season, this is because our society is built on drive and production, how much can you cram into a small space of time? How much can you accomplish even though you’re tired and running on two plus cups of coffee? It's okay to not know what to do when the noise of the world slows. I’ve listed a few easy and enjoyable ways to reclaim your center and connect:

1. Put your phone away for an hour and soak your body in some salts, oils, and herbs. Taking a long warm bath helps the physical body to lower its defenses. Some winter herbs I suggest trying for this ritual are chamomile for calm and ease, frankincense for protection and purification, Bay leaves for healing, and Pine for peace. Feel into the herbs that speak to you and mix them with a few drops of Vetiver essential oil as this aids in fighting burnout (since many of us do not get the winter off from our day job!), it is also grounding, and spiritually uplifting. I always add magnesium to my baths because it helps support my nervous system. Epsom salt is great for body aches as long as you don’t have blood pressure issues. Always check for allergic reactions to essential oils and herbs.

2. I find winter time to be great for dream work because of all the extra sleep time I’m able to get in. Try to setting an intention each night before going to bed. What do you want revealed to you? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to see? Keep a journal by your bed and jot down your experiences as soon as you rise in the morning when the information is still fresh in your head. I often find that I can do great healing work through this exercise. You can work with your inner child, your ancestors, past life wounds or memories, strengthening your spiritual gifts, and much more.

3. Star Gazing is magical during the winter time. Often times you can see the stars more brightly because of the darkness that engulfs us. Identify the constellations, which stars and star clusters speak to you? This is a great exercise to do with your family, or alone. While you’re outside in mother earth, take a moment to close your eyes and get grounded in her goodness. Breathe in her air, feel her earth beneath your feet. This is a good time to activate your Earth Star Chakra. This Chakra is located 12 inches below your feet and stretches to the core of the earth. Activating this Chakra connects you to the earths crystalline grid and offers healing to you, the earth, and the collective.

I hope you've enjoyed these three easy and soulful tips. My desire is for you to gain more out of your winter season. Feel free to share your experiences with me!


Rasia is the face behind MysticalHealingGuide. She practices Sacred Psychology by integrating her spiritual background as a Priestess in Palo with her formal training in the field of Psychology. Rasia has been assisting members of her community for 20 years in various capacities.



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Image by Jessica Felicio


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