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Copper Can Help You Cope With Colds

Finding relief for the common cold remains frustrating for doctors and cold sufferers alike. However, a simple copper device may help prevent colds and reduce the spread of infection. The science behind the CopperZap device is that bacteria, viruses, and other microbes die quickly on copper surfaces.

Researchers believe copper’s high electrical conductance interferes with the delicate balance of a microbe cell and destroys it in seconds. In fact, some hospitals are experimenting with adding copper to high-touch surfaces such as faucets and call buttons to help kill bacteria on contact and reduce the spread of infection, according to a recent story in The Washington Post.

CopperZap is a tool made of pure copper with a nasal probe at one end. The probe is designed to be rubbed gently in the nose for 60 seconds at the first sign of a cold coming on. In addition, touching the device can help kill illness-causing bacteria on the hands and fingers."Copper is great at killing superbugs," says Dr. Bill Keevil, a pioneer in researching copper and infectious diseases. In particular, copper can kill a type of virus known as a coronavirus that causes respiratory problems ranging from the mild discomfort of a common cold to potentially lethal pneumonia, according to Dr. Keevil.

Other researchers have found that copper is effective against flu viruses and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Copper has been used for a variety of health purposes since ancient times; evidence suggests that Egyptians and Greeks used it to purify water and to disinfect ulcers and other infections on the skin. Reports from the Civil War document the use of copper to promote healing in battlefield wounds. In 2012, Dr. Doug Cornell, PhD, an American inventor, learned about the microbe-killing power of copper and saw the potential for a handheld device to combat viruses.

Dr. Cornell designed the CopperZap to combat cold and flu viruses in the nose and on the fingers."Over 99 percent of people who used it and reported results say it worked to stop a cold they felt about to start," Dr. Cornell says. Other users report that the CopperZap has stopped flu symptoms, cured cold sores, and relieving sinus discomfort, he adds. For more information, visit



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Image by Jessica Felicio


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