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5 Must Haves for your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is around the corner and if you been thinking about switching up your look or just adding a bit of flavor to your closet, this guide is for you!

1. Headwraps are E V E R Y T H I N G!

source: diyanu

Headwraps are key to crown adornment, especially if you're wearing super cute jewelry or a full beat face of makeup. Top it off with a bindi or nose ring chain.

Headwraps are traditional attire in many Sub-Saharan African cultures. They're called 'doek' to South African and Namibian woman. 'Geles' is the term used by the Yoruba in Nigeria. Ghanaian women say 'dukus'. Depending on how we style them, they can represent social status and wealth, heritage, marital status, spiritual practice or nobility. Read more about headwraps here.

2. Palazzo Pants

I love an oversized cultural print pant! They're so easy to dress up with accessories because they speak for themselves. A plain off the shoulder top and a handbag is all you really need. If you have a matching headwrap... even better. Shop Palazzo pants and more in The Impulse Shop.

3. Get Me Bodied In My Bodysuit.

Bodysuits are super cute, versatile and sexy. You can dress them up, dress them down or workout in them. Some have multiple uses and double as bathing suits.

4. Jump Into A Jumpsuit

While we're on the topic of suits, you can never go wrong with a whole body fit. Especially if you're in a hurry and need a quick look to throw together. Jumpsuits give you a sexy sillouette while leaving some room for imagination.


5. Maximize Your Maxi Skirt Collection

Maxi skirts give you a similar feel to the palazzo pants without the pant lining. Maxi skirts are classy and bold, making you stand out in almost any crowd. They're fun and flirty and honestly can be warn any time of year.

With our countdown to warmer days well underway, now is the time to jump on that shopping spree. Just grab some friends and have fun upgrading your look. What items are staples in your closet? Leave a comment down below.

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